Stand Up

You started out standing on your own two feet. It seemed as life has grabbed hold of you the water started coming up and a pool was created around you. At first, you were able to swim. It was even fun. You splashed and played. Swimming was easy. And then it wasn’t. A person would walk by and tell you that looked hard. Why are you doing this? And then, it wasn’t easy anymore. It took work to stay afloat. You treaded water. You swam. You floated on your back. But, sometimes it was such a struggle. You’d have hands reach out and you’d think, yes, that’s it! I need a helping hand to get me out. But, it never lasted. They offered help, but you couldn’t help yourself to get out.

It started to be too much. Your head was going under. It was too  much to stay afloat. Then you just asked for help. It was to no one in particular. You just said I cannot take this anymore. Release me from this pool of pain and difficulty. Everything changed. You let go of your fears and the water came down. You released your pain and the water receded. You were told gently from the vast unknown to put your feet down and you were safe. You had fear but you reached your legs out and felt the bottom. Was it there the whole time? Was it really only right there to stand up? And you did. The water started to go further down until there was nothing.

You felt joy! You were free. You could go anywhere and be anything. You skipped and jumped. People around you threw their heads back in wonder and amazement over your pure excitement. You were seeing the world again like it was new. Oh how amazing it was to feel this and why did it take so long.

Time went on and then life started getting hard on land. People walked by and said, what do you have to be so happy about? You are nothing special. Why would someone so average be so happy? You stopped. You looked down and felt the water at your feet. You got scared and the water got higher. You begged again for help. What changed? The voice from Higher said awareness. You then abided because it was the voice of reason for you before. You became aware of your thoughts after words were spoken that were unsupportive and judgmental. You had allowed for it to resonate on your heart. You realized that it caused you pain, but you didn’t want to hold on so you let go. The feeling of happiness was still what you craved, and so the water went down again.

It happened time and again. But awareness always brought you back to understanding that life could be easy. You faced death of loved ones, failures, let downs, but you also experienced great love, happiness and following your life purpose. You helped others. You made the world brighter. It was that simple just to stand up on your own two feet.



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