Dear Mom – Birds

I got the sign/symbol as birds this past week. I thought that is good because I pay attention to birds and that has been my moms thing to me over the years. And then it snowed and there wasn’t a bird in sight. I thought no problem and it wasn’t meant to be that day.

I drove and came to the top of the hill. The snow was falling heavy and it was the big flakes. Like small globs of crystalized magic that the wipers weren’t able to clear fast enough. In a blink, there was this black streak and the wings pumping and I looked around in all directions and thought how is it you are flying in this weather. There was no other signs of life to be seen. It circled around and then disappeared. I did not see one other bird  that day during the storm.

Days later, I was cooking supper and thought I need to go outside just for a breath of fresh air. I had been cooped up most of the day with cleaning and washing my house. I stepped out on the deck and heard the most incredulous honking noises. There were 4 Canada geese by our pond. One was honking loudly at the others. The group of 3 honked back and then one raised its wings wide and came and attacked the one. It honked out a cry. The three picked up and flew away. The one left behind started following the other 3, but when they realized it they turned around in flight and started chasing the other. They were honking at each other going out into the distance. I have never seen such a spectacle of birds and especially the Canada goose. What are the chances this would be going on as soon as I stepped outside?

Next morning, I had one of the most powerful meditations. I felt so amazing and near the end of it I heard a blackbird call out three times. Caw, Caw, Caw. I love when things come in threes. It ended that meditation feeling that you were near and felt and helped in its amazing healing for me.

So, the last day of the week I was driving and a bird was on the edge of the highway. But, as I was staring at it thinking it would pick up and fly away as I approached. It decided to hop out further onto the road. I couldn’t help to think how unusual it was and that I kept thinking aren’t you going to get out of the way? But, it didn’t. It stayed and was turned toward me. I had to move around it. I laughed and thought oh yes, stubborn bird.

I think you did a fantastic job of showing me birds. It seemed that every thought I had that you might not be able to do anything you in fact always are able to get me to see it. Thanks Mom!




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