Grab the Reiki By The Horns

I signed up to take my level one Reiki. If you had asked me what Reiki was a year ago I would have said energy work, but I don’t understand it. I really did not think I had any ability with energy but was also not against that others were finding healing with it. I just seemed to make the choice that it wasn’t for me.

But, in that year I have attended different workshops and a Bars class to start to understand the energy around us. Bars class was not for me. But, as I was holding another’s points on their head and we were moving energy, but I didn’t quite get exactly how it was possible. So, I sat there holding my partners head and imagined her stomach area swirling in a circle. It went on for a minute until she called out to the instructor that her stomach was turning and why was it doing that. I was like, oops, that was me. How did I do that? Because, all I did was think about it. Energy was in my mind to be able to manipulate it in another? I knew what was true, but I didn’t feel activated by it.

I attended workshops as well but the one that stuck out for me was the chakra and yoga workshop. I had been curious about chakras and understanding it better. The class was great but that is how I met my Reiki master who I later took the level one from recently. I enjoyed the workshop, it also helps she’s got a British accent which makes it all sound so much better and especially if she swears. Reiki treatments were offered at another date and again I was curious so I made the appointment and had the treatment. I won’t explain it all, but I did feel and I did see things happen in my minds eye. It was like dreams and visions and feeling of having my insides pulled. It was good, but I still didn’t quite get it until she said the one thing that I needed to truly understand for anyone who is a healer or lightworker. She told me that negative energy is removed but you must be aware that it will want to find its way back in as in old ways and patterns. She talked to me about negative chatter that she felt. She said notice the things that come up and asks if it still serves you or not. Then, allow what doesn’t serve you any longer to let go. And of course, ask for help from the Higher Self to help me notice and fill these spaces with positive energy. It took a week, but I got a clear picture of what she meant. I had an old pattern show up after I felt annoyed after a hockey game. I went over it and over it and realized though I thought that overanalyzing was ok it turned out it was just replaying negative situation over and over. And it began a new way of thinking.

I arrived that morning into her space which was bright and her light was shining. We talked. I knew she was the lady for this with me. She would be a positive healer for my needs. I in no way went there with the thought of any kind to be a Reiki master. I just wanted to follow my curiosity. I should step back to say that I am seeking this path of awareness. I am feeling that my purpose is shining like a light and I can sense it is getting closer. I had fear about doing Reiki, because resistance would like nothing better then for me to stay home in a bubble and not experience raw joy. Had I stayed home I would have been robbed of my blessings in that space. I just wanted a safe environment to experience energy and what it was about. I did.

She explained. I listened. She asked questions. I talked. It was an easy exchange. She read my angel cards. I read hers. She also read oracle cards. I want a deck now!! It was so interesting. The cards were a new career change, transformation and symbols. I laughed because I then had to tell her about my signs and symbols deal with my mom. And I learned that Reiki has symbols tied to it as well. We had lunch which was fantastic. After lunch was when the real business started.

I had an attunement which is easiest explained as an entry into the level one of Reiki by being given a symbol. We had meditated first and then the attunement. It was complete and then you can sit for a moment. I watched images pass through my mind which were like angels moving through my view. The part that struck me was that the images went away to be drawn into the center of my vision and a bird was flying. It instantly makes me think of my mother. I liked the thought that she was there with me.

We chatted again about what I saw and then it was time for my full Reiki treatment. I can’t lie I felt resistance just like I did at the start of the attunement. I had to ask myself why are you in your head, and focused on breath. And slowly I drifted off. I knew I napped a little, but feel still aware of her movements or hand changes. I see colors and ebbs and flows of things in my body. It wasn’t until she came to my knees which is an area of transition did I have the most amazing visions. I saw symbols and an elephant with the head covering but it wasn’t Ganesha (Hindu God: Lord of Success), or so I believe. It was more like a head covering with sequins and more circus-like than God-like. But, when I look for the meaning it says in the Hindu way of thought, the elephant is the God of luck, fortune, protection and is a blessing upon all new projects. The other images were so sharp and concise. I do not have vision like that in the real world and I find it so startling to see it so clearly defined.

I also saw this ball of light. I felt excited to see it. I would say that I am always seeking joy because I at times don’t know if I have it anymore. My life is busy and full of responsibilities. But, at seeing this ball of light I felt happy. It was lovely and I wanted to sit up for it. I continued to lay still. She moved to my feet and there she is grounding me. I kept having visions which included the bird again which I felt such peace with, but again I saw the ball of light. I notice that it was in a hand. I felt such joy and was thinking that is so wonderful. The hand leaned in further and it was a person holding the light. And then, she was done.

It was an amazing experience. I told her about it. She said I believe that was you being held in the hand of the Higher Self. It was me? I was the ball of light/energy. If that was me, then being in that space was so amazing that I can see why the human body can feel so limiting. But, I can achieve this here and now. I just had to document it so I would never forget that feeling of being free of my limitations and the healing I have left to do. I just understand that while I practice Reiki on others that it helps to heal myself. A gift to them and to me as well.

I then got to use my magic on my teacher. She laid on the table and I did the hand movements on her. She felt my energy and I sensed things about her. I even felt sadness in her heart, but only a little bit. She says she cries like a baby when she gets to mine, but I for many years of never crying she has helped me release it. We moved through them more quickly then a complete session.But, as I worked on her my hands started getting really hot. I felt heat in my head. She felt the heat. I find that when I get like that it is a spiritual connection. We moved through the rest of the body and went over a gently touch from movement and light pressure.

All the fear and resistance was gone. I had completed it. It was a great experience. I took the plunge and came out better then when I was only standing on the edge. I will sit with all my new knowledge. I have a Reiki book to read. I will see if I shall continue on my journey requiring Level 2. But, I shall practice. I worked on my husband. I did some distance energy healing on my father. I did some on my sleeping son because he wasn’t feeling the best. I got the sense that all had some changes. I enjoyed it. But, most of all I have been working on the self-healing. In truth, my curiosity knew that what I needed most was for myself. I needed to lose all the old baggage. I needed to focus on giving myself cleansing and healing so I can continue on my path. And she texted me this morning that “I have been given a gift (which I have always had) but the time is now for you to embrace it”. Thank you to all the wisdom and all the spiritual selves that gathered to give me the most amazing experience.

Dedicated to E.S.



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