Dear Mom- Deer

(for anyone just joining this blog, I have asked my mom who passed away 22 years ago to show me signs or symbols for the next 24 weeks by using Carmel Baird’s Signs and Symbols course to reconnect with my mother)

Monday came. I anxiously awaited for the sign to be sent by email by Carmel Baird’s office. Nothing. So, by afternoon I emailed them to make sure I didn’t miss it. It wasn’t long after and I received this highly anticipated email. The sign was deer. Carmel suggested that to ask to see the sign, but to be aware of the deer could show up in a picture, the real thing or ifsomeone talks about it. So, I sat quietly and asked my mom to show me deer. I am ready to receive.

I was leaving work and contacted my kids to get ready. We were attending a 19th(76th) birthday for my aunt who celebrates big on her leap year birthday. We all piled in to head out. We drove just about a mile from our house and my daughter Bee yells “deer”. There were 3 in the field. I smiled. I said a silent thank you, and kept driving. Then Bubby says, “Mom there is so many deer in our neighbour’s field when we go to school.” I smiled again and said thank you. We keep driving and then Bee yells “deer” again to point out a deer crossing sign. Well, by that time I burst out laughing. Bee asks me what is so funny. So I explained to her that I had asked for the deer sign earlier and now all of you keep talking about deer. She’s like that is so cool.

So, I had all week to look for signs, but I had thought my mom did a great job of showing she was there. I didn’t think there would be more, but there was. My friend texted me about deer. The strangest one to me was that I had seen a painting on Pinterest. I thought, oh I could paint something like it, just revamp it a bit. It wasn’t until the next day it hit me that it too was a deer silhouette. On the weekend, we headed out to hockey and my son brought up deer on the way to the game.


Thank you Mom. I loved it. It was a gift each and every time it showed up. I felt so blessed to know that you are near. I have received a new sign which I have asked you to show me. I am excited to stay on this path with you. I found that you were a part of conversations with others as well. I had kept you hidden in this living world for so long that it was a welcome change to talk or you be talked about in such open conversations. I feel blessed to tell my kids about me trying to connect with you in spirit. I realize in this that I am teaching them the connection with the other side and that it isn’t scary and that it can bring you comfort.

I ask you to continue and find a way to show me the next sign. And, I ask that I can be aware to receive it.

I love you. Thanks.



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