Stand Up

You started out standing on your own two feet. It seemed as life has grabbed hold of you the water started coming up and a pool was created around you. At first, you were able to swim. It was even fun. You splashed and played. Swimming was easy. And then it wasn’t. A person would walk by and tell you that looked hard. Why are you doing this? And then, it wasn’t easy anymore. Continue reading

Dear Mom – Birds

I got the sign/symbol as birds this past week. I thought that is good because I pay attention to birds and that has been my moms thing to me over the years. And then it snowed and there wasn’t a bird in sight. I thought no problem and it wasn’t meant to be that day. Continue reading

Dear Mom – Butterflies

I am still living in a bit of a harsh climate. There is not a lot of bug activity mostly because the temps are sitting around freezing. But, I knew you would think of something. So, I asked for you to show me butterflies in any means possible.

I then came home from work and I do not watch much TV. But, I did pause at the TV because my husband had on Three’s Company which I haven’t seen in some time. I laughed because there was so much sexual innuendo in that show and always a mix up with the room mates. This episode was Terry thought Jack was going to give a woman love lessons, but oops it was cooking lessons. Laughter ensues. In the apartment there is the big butterfly on the wall in the background. It caught my eye and I smiled. I don’t believe there is any coincidences. Continue reading

No Opinion, No Problem

I hit a low this week. It caught me off guard and I was surprised how vulnerable and sad I felt. I got this reminder by another person that you are not allowed to have an opinion because it went against the masses. Now if hockey is like a religion then you are supposed to honor the tradition and never question it. Read the rules, obey the laws of the predecessor’s before you, “this is an institution and you my dear, are the outsider”. And if I have ever proven time and again that I cannot follow the crowd. I question the religion that asks me to hate others or to judge them. Continue reading

Dear Mom – Pets

Oh mom, I think I jinxed myself with this one. I got the sign Pets and thought oh great, I never see animals and rarely my own dog. I work in an office all day. The weather was cold and it gets dark early. I wasn’t feeling it. And that is what ruined this one for me.

My dog acted super calm which was unusual but not really anything exciting. The kids said nothing about animals or wanting a pet or anything related to pets. I saw nothing strange with animals or strange behaviors.

The only saving grace was that my friend texted me several times saying her dog was barking at things that weren’t there. Barking into the house when no one was home. She acted unusual and my friend told me about it. It would make sense to do that to a person who is among animals all day unlike myself.

Thank you mom for everything. I think I was distracted with the noise of my human self. I’m over it now and am looking forward to the next one.

Dear Mom Letter 3

I went to see Dad today. I sent the family swimming because it had been a bit since I had really sat down and talked with him. Ever since his wife has been going down with her physical mobility it has made it hard for him to take his Sunday drives out to my place. I miss him when we don’t see each other. Continue reading

Dear Mom- Deer

(for anyone just joining this blog, I have asked my mom who passed away 22 years ago to show me signs or symbols for the next 24 weeks by using Carmel Baird’s Signs and Symbols course to reconnect with my mother)

Monday came. I anxiously awaited for the sign to be sent by email by Carmel Baird’s office. Nothing. So, by afternoon I emailed them to make sure I didn’t miss it. It wasn’t long after and I received this highly anticipated email. The sign was deer. Carmel suggested that to ask to see the sign, but to be aware of the deer could show up in a picture, the real thing or ifsomeone talks about it. So, I sat quietly and asked my mom to show me deer. I am ready to receive. Continue reading