Fear vs Excitement

img_3587What if I confused fear with excitement? It is a question that when I heard it the first time I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Ummm, no I think that’s fear. Just so you are not confused, this is not the fear that you feel in a back alley with someone standing in the shadows about to pounce. No. This is when you have a dream or goal and you suddenly find a million excuses and all the things that could go wrong so that you don’t even start. That part is the fear.  You should be excited. You should be able to start making plans and make the steps to fulfill your goal. It could be quick or take a long time, but there would be joy and passion behind it. But, that excitement quickly turns to fear.

Reality check. I want to try something new. Let’s say, an art night. I want to put it out there and get some people together to paint. I want to share something that I love to do. I could book a small space, get the supplies, advertise, set a reasonable cost and do it. My mind gets to the point of standing in front of those people with their expectations of me. What if they hate it? What if they don’t come? What if it is bad? What if they all come home and are unhappy with their art? It then seems easier not to try at all. Why put yourself out there?

Then the part that my mind does not want to go to, but I must make it see the possibility, what if it was good? The people have a great time, they enjoy the night and get to try something new. I feel good about sharing and I am proud of myself for putting myself out there. I am asked to do another one. It becomes bigger then I could have imagined.

Both scenarios are possible.

How do you achieve goals when you are met with such resistance? First: I say this so often I should make a T-shirt…. Be gentle with your self. This require you to be aware of your thoughts. A thought comes in while you are taking steps towards your goal that suggest, What if this is bad? and you have to stop and look at it. Is this bad? Well, no. It is just a step. I am going to try this. It won’t hurt anything. The worst that could happen is it doesn’t work. I repeat, you will not be beheaded for your attempt.

Second: Find positive support. Positive is the key. Do not tell your grumpy neighbour and they then remind you of the downfall of the economy and that they tried to live their dreams and the government destroyed all of them.

Third: Meditate. Find peace within. Ask for guidance and to be shown the next step. Don’t confuse this with daydreaming about the big financial gain you could make. Daydreaming is not actively doing anything. It is just a form of wishing that cannot seem to manifest into anything except more fears and excuses when you attempt to try. It is an attempt to confuse you that all goals will be met with no resistance, no issues, no problem and they take no time at all. All good things will possibly not align perfectly, but those issues that arise are a blessing to show clearly your capabilities to get through any situation.

Fourth: Encourage anyone else that talks about their goals to you and give them the support that they require. The more kindness you bestow on others the more that is given back to you. This in fact is key to change a lot in  your life. It is to feel compassion for others. It is to give love with no thought to its return. It is to exude kindness to others. It is to show passion in all you do. How does this reflect to your own goals? The more positivity you give out the more that is returned to you. It seems to cast light on the shadow of fear. So, shine that damn light on everything. Put the light on every dark dingy corner of your mind and be positive. It requires being present to the present moment.

You are doing great. You got this.



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