40 year Itch?

My ovaries are getting old I was told today. I’m 39 and I was a bit surprised at the statement. I suppose they are old after 39 years of ovary functioning. Three healthy kids later and they served their purpose. It got  me thinking that this is just one phase of my life. I was born, grew up to expect my menstruation like a great red-ribboned car shaped gift out in the driveway, but turned out to be the itchy sweater from great-Aunt Flo. Yes, the egg machine is starting to dwindle but it is opening up a new door. I call it the forty-fabulous years.

I love this age. I am turning 40 in a month. I love this time in my life. You couldn’t get me to go back to my 20’s to go back to unsure and uncomfortable with my life. Ok, I might go back and grab my body, my energy and metabolism, but otherwise I’m good. I am so much sure about this life then I was back then. The only problem in my 20’s is that I did think I knew everything. Now, I am super comfortable not knowing, but curious about everything.

I’m not super-famous, or a great philosopher, but I do have the most interesting conversations with people in the most common places. Junior high volleyball game. It’s loud. We, myself and a couple other amazing women, had a convo about living your own life, and not worry about how others think, but at the same time not to worry about how everyone else was living their life. We hit on the topic of being supportive of other women and how it seemed that when you wanted to strive to be better why was it hard for others to want the best for you. After the game, we congratulated each other on our good work in our lives. The best part was that it was just a great conversation. Honestly, I seem to strike up those soul-searching, universe shifting, great-minds-think-a-like, inspirational exchanges most places I go. We may not have solved a world problem, but we feel we contributed to each other in a brief moment. In my 20’s I would have tried to convince those women of something, now I understand the significance that each of our paths is for our greater good. No need to convince anyone of anything, but we all just want to be heard, supported and feel like even for a brief moment we are understood.

Here’s to another 39 years, and all the new doors that will open….kind of excited about the doors closing too, especially on Aunt Flo, eventually.