Where Did I Come From?

My middle daughter has been learning about reproduction and then coming home asking about her birth story. Sexual education is my favourite part of health in school at this age. Because it’s not really about sex but all the inner workings on how things work in and around the sex act. 

Of course my daughter asked questions with the other 2 kids with me plus my daughters friend. This was our conversation:

Honey: Mom was I born casarean? 

Me: No you were born through the vajayjay.

Her friend laughs. 

Honey: What?

Me: The vagina

Her friend: My moms friend calls it a vaj. 

They talk about the different names. There is giggles. My oldest daughter tries to turn up the music. 

My son, Bubby: How did I come out?

Me: The vagina. 

Shock and awe insue. Giggles and more chatter. 

Bubby: What about Bee? 

Me: The vagina

Bee, oldest daughter: Stop talking about this. 

Bubby, pats her on the shoulder: It’s ok. We all went through it. 

I laughed so hard.  

Me, turning to Bee: I can’t wait until you have kids and then this will be even funnier. 

Bee rolls eyes and music gets turned up. 

Love being their mom!! 


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