Metric Vs Imperial

I grew up in the metric world in my education system in Canada. I had heard my father ramble about the imperial system of measurements at home. But, like a foreign language I didn’t really understand the way it worked. I went to school liking the simplistic form of measurements. 100 cm is 1 m and is also 0.001 km. Anyway, it made sense. It still does. Our vehicles are in km/hr. Milk is sold in 4 Litres, 2 Litres, 1 Litre and 500 mL and so on. Children are measured in cm by height and weight is calculated in kilograms, which is nice because the number is smaller.

As I got older there are still places for the imperial system of course. I worked in photography where prints are made in inches such as printing a 16×20 photo. Or when we framed the prints it was measured in inches. Lumber is still sold by inches and feet. Square feet are still how people refer to the size of their home. Can it be easily converted to metric in your head? No, unless you whip out the iPhone and use a conversion app. We adjust.

How do people who use a different sort of measurement tools interact together? If I am measured by their yard stick, but I am holding on to my metre ruler then it would appear that all it is is a conversion. I get 80 cm and they get 31.5 inches. The length is the same, but the number shows the difference. What if then an argument started because of how we got the number? They blasted me for the new system. “Metric is stupid!!” They yelled. “Imperial is how things have always been done, why must they change a good thing?” The truth, I didn’t change it. I learned it. I learned to measure things in my life using the metric system. It is ingrained in me to view the world that way. I also, had to incorporate the imperial system in my life and had to make sense of 7/8’s and 15/16’s or one foot is 12 inches. I was open to see that point of view and still am.

I feel that in my life I am measured by others by their ruler. It can be as an archaic and close minded way to compare me to them and how they have always done it. I feel that at times they want to correct my measurement outcome because it is not like theirs and I am tired of fighting against it. I measure myself. I let go of the judgment I feel about that our numbers are not the same. I don’t want to be convinced to measure a different way because they believe how I do it is wrong. I am open to change and that is why I can see the measurement in both systems. I just deal with others that only see one. They refuse to their death to not see it but only in their way. I can see that it is important to hold to your convictions. I would say that yes, a moral-value code is important. But, the unwillingness to let others choose another way is what leaves you stuck, not me. Learn from your experience. Make a different choice if needed. But, don’t be so concerned if I am still measuring my life in metric and you are not. We will never get the same number and that’s the amazing part of it. That is the uniqueness of the system.

Who wins in the metric vs imperial match? No one. Live your own life and make positive contributions to society. If your first thought is to hand someone a different ruler, then make sure that you are giving it freely and not with old ideas and negative thinking. Otherwise, all you are doing is passing down your stuck thoughts on to a new generation. Open up to the possibility to accept change and value that it can work in both systems. Good Luck!!


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