Pet Peeve Venting

Do you ever have that feeling that someone is trying to bring you down? It is subtle stuff not blatant disregard, but just small little shitty things that they do. I believe that it is passive aggressiveness which is Pet Peeve #1.  A close second, which this person also does is Pet Peeve #2 –  condescension. I feel like I’m being corrected and looked down upon.

I get it. I choose to be bothered. I am a bit bothered, but then after a brief pep talk with my human and spiritual self I come to realize that it is their choice. They choose to leave me out for any number of reasons, which could be they don’t like me, lack of respect, unorganized, or jealousy. The spiritual side of me reminds me that I do not know the reasons behind their actions, but what I do with them is about me, and leaves a mark on my soul. And, me feeling angry about it is really no better then their actions.

Condescension – hate it. I despise it because when someone is the same age as you and then talk down to you because you aren’t educated enough, don’t do it right and for whatever stupid reasons they feel they need to correct you about drives me to drink and violent punching thoughts. 😉 No, not really. Okay, at least a glass of wine. Spirit steps in and reminds me that I have most likely done this to others as well. Again, am I these things? Am I uneducated? No. Am I doing what’s right? Yes, for me. Do I need to be corrected? No, but in some situations maybe I do.

Is my purpose for the greater good? Yes. I should keep the awareness of my purpose and then how others are acting is like watching a puppet show, amusing but I don’t need to participate. Because, if my purpose is still to help others then I can’t lose focus on that gift that I could be giving to others rather then wrapped up in their crap. But, my question for you is, if someone is rude to  you in a subtle way and continues to do this because of your lack of reaction, does this make you appear stupid or resilient?

One thought on “Pet Peeve Venting

  1. resilient! My grandmother used to say that holding a grudge didn’t hurt anyone but the grudge holder. Even if the other person was aware, if they made you hold a grudge, would they even care? Most likely not. Still, hard to let some things go. I may need more practice at it myself 😉

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