Very Inspired


RunnerWithaBlog nominated me for this award. I’m so brand spanking new to this blogging world that I didn’t even know there was awards. Is this like a chain letter? haha No matter, I am honored. So, please check out her blog if you haven’t already:

The rules are to post the award, thank the nominator (thanks Samantha), list these rules, share seven facts about myself and then nominate 15 fellow bloggers that are inspiring.

Seven Facts About Me:

1) My mother died when I was 18.

2) I’m in a closed relationship and we have 3 children.

3) I love Cheerios. My dosha says that cold cereal is not balancing for my Kapha constitution, but I say the hell with it, I love my small loops of oat goodness.

4) I enjoy yoga and meditation. It saved me from my crazy mind.

5) I have great friends. I love my gals so much. They are fun and smart. They all have a way of encouraging me to be a better woman.

6) I really do believe that a conscious shift is needed to make change in the world to create a more peaceful existence.

7) I bought the cutest used teal bench and I need to sage it to cleanse the energy from the previous owners. But, it is so sweet!!

As for the nominations I can tell you that I don’t know who I should nominate. All of you that have me in your your reader that may take a chance and open up my link are inspiring to me. The bloggers I follow inspire me. Do I follow 15? I’m still new to this, but in the future I promise to nominate the people. For now, I’m going to walk my own red carpet. 😉


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