Conversations With Bubby

My darling 6 year old son, Bubby (not his real name), makes me laugh. He at many times surprises me with his grand insight on life. He also makes me wonder about the rules that I am trying to enforce. He is convincing in his arguments and even though I refuse to back down I applaud his efforts.

Here are some examples of our conversations:

In church for Thanksgiving…

The Congregation: He (Jesus) suffered under Pontius Pilate and died until he arose again according to the Scriptures….

Bubby: (in a loud voice) He died? Was it a gun?

Me: No it wasn’t a gun. 

In Winner’s buying jeans for his sister:

Bubby: Mom, I want this toy.

Me: I just bought you a bunch of jeans and pants. Right now it’s Bee’s turn for clothes.

Bubby: I want the toy.

Me: So, when you go to school you’d wear no pants and use the toys to cover up your bum?

Bubby: When’s my birthday?

In A&W having lunch….

Bubby: Why are you drinking like that?

Mom: They gave me a mug of rootbeer. I’m drinking normal.

Bubby: Why don’t you use a straw?

Mom: Because I’m a big girl.

Bubby: You’re a big girl?

Mom: I’m a woman.

Bubby: No, you’re a big momma.

Mom: Yo momma! (Laughter)

Discussing my height…

Me: So, when you get bigger and have children of your own I will be the grandma.

Bubby: No you won’t.

Me: Yes. Dad’s mom and dad are your grandma and grandpa. Your dad was a little boy and then he grew up and he had you and your sisters and that made them grandparents.

Bubby: But, you won’t be a grandma.

Me: Are you not having kids one day?

Bubby: I will have kids.

Me: But, that would make me their grandma.

Bubby: You are too tall to be a grandma. Grandma’s are short.

Me: Ok, but what about your dad? Can he be a grandpa?

Bubby: Yes.

Me: But, I can’t?

Bubby: No, you are too tall.


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