Very Inspired


RunnerWithaBlog nominated me for this award. I’m so brand spanking new to this blogging world that I didn’t even know there was awards. Is this like a chain letter? haha No matter, I am honored. So, please check out her blog if you haven’t already:

The rules are to post the award, thank the nominator (thanks Samantha), list these rules, share seven facts about myself and then nominate 15 fellow bloggers that are inspiring.

Seven Facts About Me:

1) My mother died when I was 18.

2) I’m in a closed relationship and we have 3 children.

3) I love Cheerios. My dosha says that cold cereal is not balancing for my Kapha constitution, but I say the hell with it, I love my small loops of oat goodness.

4) I enjoy yoga and meditation. It saved me from my crazy mind.

5) I have great friends. I love my gals so much. They are fun and smart. They all have a way of encouraging me to be a better woman.

6) I really do believe that a conscious shift is needed to make change in the world to create a more peaceful existence.

7) I bought the cutest used teal bench and I need to sage it to cleanse the energy from the previous owners. But, it is so sweet!!

As for the nominations I can tell you that I don’t know who I should nominate. All of you that have me in your your reader that may take a chance and open up my link are inspiring to me. The bloggers I follow inspire me. Do I follow 15? I’m still new to this, but in the future I promise to nominate the people. For now, I’m going to walk my own red carpet. 😉

The Pebble on the Path


I had a friend ask a question that I think most everyone has faced in their life. It can have a different scenario or details but the question comes around to the same thing.

“How do I help others who are attracting negativity into their lives? I want them to become aware. I love them and want all the abundance for them in the world. I am in a place of peace and it is hard to watch them struggle. How can I help?”


“My mate is always so negative. I try to be so positive and pump them up with all the great things that I love about them. I feel like I am pouring out my heart and he just sucks up the energy. And nothing changes. He goes back to complaining and filling our home with negativity.” Continue reading

The Year was 1994

I have not celebrated St. Patrick’s Day for 21 years. Not for the obvious reasons of course. I like green. Irish people are fantastic. Green beer is just beer, which I enjoy as well. Every time this day rolls around I send my children off to school with something green so they don’t get pinched. They make shamrocks in art class and talk about leprechauns. It is cute. My youngest searches for rainbows and pots of gold. It is a whimsical kind of day for them just not for me. Continue reading

My Mother on 72

My mom was a young lady coming to Canada in the early 1960’s. She was to be a bride to an unknown gentleman that she had only knew through letters and pictures. She got off the plane and rested her eyes upon this liar-liar-pants-on-fire Canadian. It turned out he was not forthcoming with his age and had sent a picture of himself 10 years younger. So, my mother got a rude-awakening about seeing-is-believing to a man 20 years older than her. She was only 19. My mom in her no nonsense attitude told him “Oh no, I will not be staying at your mother’s house, please take me to my distant cousins home.” And so he did. Continue reading

Ode To The Weird and Wonderful

I’ve been thinking about a blogger named Angy. I came upon her blog when checking out the Community Post’s. I clicked on this blog that no one had replied to and had a twang of memories coming back to me. Her post was a throwback to my youth, mostly junior and I suppose high school too. I won’t lie I probably felt the same way through my 20’s. She writes about her lack of good looks, not fitting in with her peers, parental relations and of course where her place is in the world. I’m like, girl, that was my life too. Continue reading

Creativity begins…

I’ve begun to regress back into my 12 year old badass self. It was right around that time that I was doing exactly what I loved. I loved to paint and write. The poems. The drawing. I did it because I loved it. No one had to beg me. It was a choice every single day.

After 12, I slowly started to pull away. I went out with my friends, boy-watching and other hooligan-type activities entering high school. I thought that I was supposed to let my creativity go and that I would never find work in it. My social life and school work were my priorities.

I grew up and now my small social life and my family are my priority. In the past few months my Self has been screaming to pay attention to what you love. I am 39 and dabbling back into the practice of art and renaming myself “The Artist” once again.