15 Revealing Questions on Life

I read this article to “Reveal your Life’s Purpose by Asking These 15 Questions” by Stephen Parato. http://themindunleashed.org/2015/01/reveal-lifes-purpose-asking-15-questions.html Now, I would normally look at it and think this is great, but I’d never fully answer the questions. But, this time I said I should maybe go for it.

So, I stared at the questions on my iPhone and then wrote them out. I am a visual person and felt that may help me with the answers. It didn’t. I typed out the questions on the computer. It had been sitting on there for 7 days (not kidding). It started to become a challenge. As I read through the questions again I realized that all the answers that came to my head were sarcastic. So, I thought for my amusement I answer them for fun and for real. The fun is my personality (mostly sarcasm and vague attempts at humor) and the real is my spiritual side (honesty). Here goes….

What gives me energy?

Fun answer: A cup of coffee and a chocolate bar gives me energy, but not for long.

Real answer: Energy comes from helping others by listening and giving them support or advice. But, I get energy from stillness in time with myself as well. It can be simply walking, meditating, writing, and drawing. I find it in taking the time to read a good book or cranking up the music loud and dance and sing. It is in these small acts of freedom that I get my energy.

What excites me?

Fun: A cup of coffee, chocolate bar and Channing Tatum.

Real: This was so difficult for me to answer. I can hardly remember a time that I was excited. I felt like I had to go so far back in my mind to think of times that made me feel excited. Life has gotten serious, so the conclusion is that my moments of joy have been reduced to smaller moments. I have to take responsibility that I was not creating more joy in my life. What excites me? Carefree laughter, getting positive feedback on helping friends, exchanging of smiles, feeling connected with my family, and almost anything that brings you back to that child-like quality of just being free.

What kind of ideas come to me in the shower?

Fun: I should shave my legs more often. Uh oh, forgot the razor by the tub, oh well, next time.

Real: Water pouring down on you is the cheapest form of therapy and it does seem to clear the mind. I suppose the best ideas I get in the shower are for my writing or clear instructions to deal with life. I find that I focus on the water and I feel present in the moment.

What kind of things do people always ask me about?

Fun: What’s with the hair? Are those real?

Real: I am great for advice. I truly believe in my instinct and being in touch with my spiritual guides, so that when people seek advice I will give them the truth. It all comes to feeling that I have heard you, but I also hear what you are not saying.

What kind of conversations do I have with those closest to me?

Fun: Well, I find I swing into the gutter and those closest to me love to join in.

Real: The best conversations are the ones that allow everyone to open up to our true selves. Everyone can be honest and supportive with each other. The conversations between friends that make you feel better about yourself and ready to face the challenges of the world again.

What do I do with my free time?

Fun: Sit in front of the computer and wait for the lack of writing ideas to not appear.

Real: I write. I draw. I go outside. I do angel card readings.

What topics do I regularly read about?

Fun: Writing for Dummies.

Real: Inspirational or spiritual books. I occasionally throw in some smut books and historical fiction.

What recurring dreams do I have?

Fun: Channing Tatum knocks on my door and asks to come in. I turn him down. He seems stunned and sad. A tear rolls down his cheek. I say it’s ok, come back tomorrow. It’s just that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is already satisfying my needs today.

Real: My dreams are not recurring, they are real life. I’ll see people in it that I know from previous times in my life, present time, and/or faces I have never seen. It seems just like regular life and not unusual at all. I feel like the only reoccurrence is that I feel like we are passing each other. I am walking by and so are they and we see each other.

During which experiences in my life have I felt most alive?

Fun: It was dark. I felt pushed around and it was crowded. I could see something bright so I kept waiting until I got closer. I was pulled and it was bright all around me. I felt cold and just figured out I could breathe. I was screaming and then was swaddled and laid in my mother’s arms. I was alive!!

Real: Those moments are when I have thrown caution to the wind and had the fear but did it anyway is when I have been most alive.

What unique interests, or abilities, did I have as a young child?

Fun: I could and still can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.

Real: I had an active imagination, drawing and writing. I loved the outdoors. My farm was my playground back then.

What would I do if money were no object?

Fun: New boobs, new butt and new shoes. And a fancy ride….

Real: If money were no object then all the choices would be not a matter of time it would be now. I would quit my job. I would travel and see all the places that others talk about. I would write and create my art. I would have no excuses.

What would you do if I absolutely 100% did not care about what other people think?

Fun: I asked my husband this question and he said have sex in public and right in front of the court house of the nearest city. Plus, call the paper so that they would get pictures. I’ll stick with his answer. Why the hell not?

Real: I would write, draw, paint, experiment with life and hit every spa retreat I could in all the perfect destination spots around the world. I would speak my true self. I would be the person that made you feel good in every encounter we had. This one is really the answer to everything. Why am I not doing these things completely? I secretly worry about their judgment….Dear Lord, make that stop!

What is my bucket list?

Fun: Ok. I’m dying and what do I wish I could do before I die……I wish I had made a bucket list.

Real: I don’t have a bucket list, so this required some thought. I think that having no bucket list is a way to either keep my expectations low, or that I am just robbing myself of doing great things. I want to travel. I’d love to see Rome, London, Paris and Tofino. I’d like to complete my book. I want to live a life with no regrets.

What topics can I blend together to create my own unique niche?

Fun: Well, with my new boobs and my ability to tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue, I mean sky’s the limit, right?

Answer: With my spiritual connection along with my art, if I take the time to create it, I think some great magic will be made.

If I were to write a short “About Me” describing the ideal version of myself, what would it be?

Fun: I am a wine-swilling barrel of fun.

Real: I am interested in the soul. I can see the world differently and I love my version of it. I am a powerful being that is here to make a difference to reveal others true purpose.

Thanks Stephen Parato for your challenge.

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