I Am a Tough Mother

I am going to turn 40 this year. So, I had an offer to do the Tough Mudder with a group of ladies that are by far more fit than me. I have let myself go, not all the way, but I have been slacking. I like fitness goals. It gives me something to work for and that works for me. I started researching how in shape I am going to have to be after I said yes.

18-20 km (10-12 miles) plus obstacles. <Insert over dramatized silence here> It wasn’t looking pretty. I was stunned at my lack of knowledge before I said yes. I have 7 months to prepare. I’m not a complete idiot or so my mother always said.

I shook off the worry and said to myself I can do this. I need to start getting into running again. I got the couch to 10k app on the phone. I started with the weights. Goal this month and next is lose weight. I did start getting on track for January, but that was mostly slowing down on the wine intake and throwing out leftover chocolate. (haha there was no leftovers) I wasn’t doing much for activity but was getting out there on the treadmill and snowshoeing.

Start of February, I got in front of the mirror and gave myself a talk. I put my jeans on and stared at myself.

Me: You know, I think I’ve slimmed down.

Reflection: You think so? Why do the jeans fit better?

Me: No, but the stuff that was always over the top of the jeans looks less.

Reflection: Muffin top is reduced. Good news.

Me: Mmmmmm, muffins.

It might be a tough road for me. But, I am going to be Fit for Forty. I am a tough mother going to do the Tough Mudder. If you don’t know what it is, google it, I didn’t until it was too late….

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