Silence Broken

Yoga. I love this class. My instructor is just the right amount of balanced energy with a splash of wisdom. She is a key reason I attend this class at all. Today, we followed our bliss through our crown chakra today. I’ve had a year off of instructed yoga. The difference between doing yoga in class over doing it at home is that I can easily go, “Ya, that’s enough of that pose.”

I never hold it as long especially if it is too juicy of a stretch at home. In her class, you hold the pose. You breathe through it. You love it. It is so juicy, but you won’t lower a knee and you won’t go into child’s pose while everyone else is balancing on one hand and one leg. You stick it out. But, because of that perseverance you feel really good in and after class. It gives you the rush and I am thankful for my body for its sheer power.

My mind does not race. It doesn’t go out of the yoga loft. It stays with me and is focused. I am trying to keep my hips aligned. Raising my arms. Breathing through one nostril and pushing all the negative energy out the balls of my feet. Our instructor gives us encouragement. She breezes through and makes small adjustments on our body. She talks about what pose we are doing and it’s in another language which is not familiar to me. I picture that she is saying these words and actually swearing like my mother use to do in Ukrainian which makes me giggle inside. I doubt she is, but when I’m balancing on one leg it gives me a small boost of energy.

The class is winding down. I am sweaty and we are on to our last downward dog and parts of my body ache. I’m wondering if I can hold this pose and can’t wait until we do the near-death pose at the end and then it happens. riiiiiiippp. Huh? Someone farted! Inside I giggle and it was the right amount of energy to make the hold. God love the human body. God love the woman who released her negative energy.


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