Opinions on Opinions

“Write about what disturbs you, particularly if it bothers no one else.”
― Kathryn Stockett-The Help

I reread the book, The Help. This quote particularly disturbed me, but in the best way possible. I have always thought to write an opinion piece about the so called “progress” that I have faced in my community. I have never wrote an opinion piece before in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of opinions. To quote Salt n Pepa, “Opinions are like assholes everybody’s got one”. Do I have plans in what to do with it? Not one. First, I need to write it. I need to talk to members of the community to get different perspectives and more factual information. The great part of all this, I live in the community and know the people. I just need to go out a little further with my questions.

Truth, this is one of the biggest tests of my life. The unknown of the end result. I have no idea what it will be or look like. It doesn’t matter. If I don’t know how or why the answers will come to me as I make the steps. I just have to make the steps. Writing about something that I have lived with and seen for myself are the easy parts. I just need to take a chance and believe in the unknown.

Cheers to me!

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