Snow Love

I went out to enjoy our winter weather. I have always disliked winter that I would say I went into a bit of hibernation. I have slowly changed my ways and in recent years have gone on winter walks and runs as well. I shook it up this year by purchasing snow shoes. After many jokes about them being tennis rackets I put them on and tested them out.

I paddled through the snow. I worked my way up the hills. My lungs were gasping for air. I pulled off my hat when I reached the top of the last hill which them opens up to a clearing surrounded by trees. The snow sparkles and fills any darkness with light. I stared up into the deep blue sky and the trees reached up to try to meet the beauty that my eyes beheld. The world fell silent for a moment. I didn’t hear my breathing anymore. It was just a moment that I was thankful for being in the midst of all that beauty.

This winter is proving to be my best winter yet and I owe it all to a pair of tennis rackets. Thanks.

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