Silence Broken

Yoga. I love this class. My instructor is just the right amount of balanced energy with a splash of wisdom. She is a key reason I attend this class at all. Today, we followed our bliss through our crown chakra today. I’ve had a year off of instructed yoga. The difference between doing yoga in class over doing it at home is that I can easily go, “Ya, that’s enough of that pose.” Continue reading

My Day With the Dalai Lama

I am seeking my spiritual path. I am reading the books. I am meditating. I am practicing love and compassion. I am feeling conscious. Self-awareness is my middle name. This all works perfectly until I leave my house. I unexpectedly run into the ultra competitive mom at the game after school, the angry customer at the gas station, the cliché group at the coffee shop and then the screaming child that can’t find their favorite toy which of course they haven’t looked for yet. I shared a laugh with friends that want to be enlightened like the Dalai Lama, but the realization is that the Dalai Lama does not have to deal with 3 kids, husband, full-time job, volunteering, and running these 3 kids to their activities. Continue reading

Opinions on Opinions

“Write about what disturbs you, particularly if it bothers no one else.”
― Kathryn Stockett-The Help

I reread the book, The Help. This quote particularly disturbed me, but in the best way possible. I have always thought to write an opinion piece about the so called “progress” that I have faced in my community. I have never wrote an opinion piece before in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of opinions. To quote Salt n Pepa, “Opinions are like assholes everybody’s got one”. Do I have plans in what to do with it? Not one. First, I need to write it. I need to talk to members of the community to get different perspectives and more factual information. The great part of all this, I live in the community and know the people. I just need to go out a little further with my questions.

Truth, this is one of the biggest tests of my life. The unknown of the end result. I have no idea what it will be or look like. It doesn’t matter. If I don’t know how or why the answers will come to me as I make the steps. I just have to make the steps. Writing about something that I have lived with and seen for myself are the easy parts. I just need to take a chance and believe in the unknown.

Cheers to me!

Soulful Finding

I have great friends. I mean it. Really great friends. They each serve a purpose and seem to take over a part of me that needs their kind of healing, exposing and shining their light on me. I react to their insight like a kid in a candy shop: pure joy. They cheer me on, send me texts, lovingly goad me into being sarcastic and rejoice in my gutter talk, since they happily join me. If it wasn’t for these fine women I don’t know where I’d be. Continue reading

Snow Love

I went out to enjoy our winter weather. I have always disliked winter that I would say I went into a bit of hibernation. I have slowly changed my ways and in recent years have gone on winter walks and runs as well. I shook it up this year by purchasing snow shoes. After many jokes about them being tennis rackets I put them on and tested them out.

I paddled through the snow. I worked my way up the hills. My lungs were gasping for air. I pulled off my hat when I reached the top of the last hill which them opens up to a clearing surrounded by trees. The snow sparkles and fills any darkness with light. I stared up into the deep blue sky and the trees reached up to try to meet the beauty that my eyes beheld. The world fell silent for a moment. I didn’t hear my breathing anymore. It was just a moment that I was thankful for being in the midst of all that beauty.

This winter is proving to be my best winter yet and I owe it all to a pair of tennis rackets. Thanks.

Oh What a Year It Will Be….

Let’s start with some truth for 2015.

I believe in love and not just the kind between two sexual consenting persons (though that can be fabulous too). I believe in soul love. The love for your child who is nervously singing on stage and you are out in the audience radiating beams of pride. I love my friends for their listening skills, bust-a-gut laughs and the potent sangria that I make. Snuggles on the couch with your partner and he looks at you like you are the most special person on this earth with your snotty nose and puffy face (stupid flu bug). Continue reading