Jealousy Bites The Dust

I sit here in the morning as the sun makes it way up into the sky. The light and warmth on my back as I tap away at the keyboard. I am so grateful for the Saturday morning at home. No work. No place to go. No rush to get dressed. As I glance around at the light catching the surfaces of all my prized possessions I see a layer of dust. Wow! Someone should really clean up around here Continue reading

A Happy Life

It’s late. Ok, it’s 10 pm. Not super late, but for a mom of 3, wife, full-time worker and all that may entail: it is late. At the same time, I use all of those things as an excuse as to why I don’t write. First it is the excuse and then fear jumps in to make the final call. So, I started looking at other people’s blogs and realized a lot have their own fears. Fears of being alone, with someone, travelling to unknown places and themselves. We all have different stories, but at the same time, we are very similar. You are doing what I am doing, and searching for what makes you, you.

Writing makes me happy. Why should I deny myself something as simple as that? I guess then I question why go public with it. I could achieve the happiness on my own then, right? What I have learned is that sharing and even if one person reads your words that you have so eloquently stringed together in the gallant poetic prose, it is completely worth it.

Your life purpose can only be served if it helps others. You have to take your gift that you were given and share it. I would say, what makes you happy is usually about your gift. And this brings us back to my writing. I share my thoughts and hope that it helps someone else, those 2 followers I have, or possibly the few friends on Facebook that may read this can relate to my words. Haha, I’m not looking for pity, I just mean that it makes me happy to have 2 followers. I’m happy I have friends. You’ll notice that I’m pretty positive, don’t worry, it gets better.

But, if you have a moment, I’ll tell you all about tonight and how my tire has decided to become a tire swing for the kids this summer…..

Random Acts of Kindness 24 Day Challenge

Okay, so I’ve touched on what a crappy person I have been (notice past tense), and now from this moment on: we are onto better and brighter things. I have to create joy in my life. I have been considering Random Acts of Kindness. It seems to catch people off guard an act of good will. I had recently helped a gentleman, who I sort of knew, who had run out of gas. He offered to pay me. He couldn’t believe that I just picked him up, ran to his place, got his jerry can, and drove him back to his truck. I didn’t think much of it, until I turned and saw his face stare with happiness at me. I could tell at that moment I turned a moment that was going to be difficult and made it easier. It felt good. So, I am challenging myself to doing at least one a day (or more) starting tomorrow December 1st until December 24, Christmas Eve. I hope to find things that don’t necessarily cost money, but maybe my time, helping someone in need, kind words and just random moments of giving someone just what they need. How will I find these moments? I think the universe will offer me many opportunities as long as I am paying attention. I will be.

Why end on Christmas Eve? It will be my time to spend with my family and I will have a heart that is filled with joy and what better gift to give them then a joyous mother and wife. So, just as everything I do, I ask others to consider spreading the joy with me. If anyone has any ideas for me, I’d be happy to hear them. Have a wonderful December!! If you need anything, let me know…..