Update Mid-Month

I wanted to update all of you a week ago. I was on a euphoric-high and wanted to tell you all about it. I was so pumped! It was going to say something like….this positive thinking thing freaking works!! But, I got busy and didn’t have a chance. And then, real life started happening and I don’t feel like I am on such a high now. But, now I feel that this moment is actually more important to update you on. Continue reading


Resolutions to Love

That quote says it all…I vowed to love myself for my resolution for the new year. I technically started on Dec. 30 because I couldn’t wait for the 1st.

I decided that I would not waiver on meditation. I would add a whole bunch of affirmations from Louise Hay’s book, “How to Heal Your Life” and then vow to exercise more often. The affirmations are the kickers because they focus on uplifting and positively changing parts of my life that I feel can’t change because I have created limits on my life from an early age. But, also to just say kind things to myself instead of a put down. Continue reading

Days Off Are Awesome

Having days off is such a treat.

I have watched Netflix and caught up on sappy holiday movies. I have worked on a painting. I have went out and snowshoed. I want to catch up on my blog.

I have had no reason to go anywhere. I have just purely enjoyed the art of doing only what I feel like doing. It is pure bliss. Continue reading

Flawed and Struggling

It has been 6 weeks since my last blog.

It is hard to write anything when you feel shame.

My last blog I stated that I would do some tasks that work on my Self. I did. I went to the local Christmas craft sale and promoted my art and did mini-card readings with chakra testing. I had some business and made some cash. I didn’t sell any art, but it was good just to share it. The more things I do that feel scary and then turn out to be ok makes me feel stronger. Continue reading

Embrace the Shadow

I’ve spoken before about the shadow self. It is where our true desires lurk but have been covered up by the thought of “I’m not enough”. Childhood suggestions and experiences have plagued us into not believing in our self, causing limiting beliefs and otherwise f*cked up our lives.

I listened to Oprah’s podcast with Debbie Ford and was intrigued. I went on the Internet to find out more about what Debbie had to say about the shadow self. It is where our fear lives and where as the great Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung said,Our shadow is the person we would rather not be. Or so we think. Because the shadow self is the part of us that needs the most love and instead we run from it. Continue reading

Over A Hurdle

I spoke of fear in my last blog post and I overcame a small hurdle. I finished my painting which helps ebb that worry of exposing my art to a new public. Is that the secret? Complete the project anyway even if the road is tough so you can feel the sense of accomplishment. Continue reading

Wanting More

I get scared a lot. I worry about wasting time. Time running out. Getting caught up in the ego.

I have another art show coming up. It’s exciting and I’m terrified. Am I ruining the experience by being fearful? The worst fears come up such as am I good enough? I can easily talk myself down but inevitably that voice finds time to speak. Continue reading

Earth Angel

Don’t be afraid to express yourself in art, opinion or love; it all has its place in the universe. – me

I went and picked up my 2 pieces at the art show last month and as I said in a previous post I felt the Curator criticized my work on the opening day. So, when I picked up I spoke with her if I could just take the pieces and was there anything else to do, and she said take them. But, she said to me that the horse painting was the favorite of the show. I thanked her and left.  Continue reading