Parental Advice

I recently listened to a podcast with Oprah and Dr. Shefali Tsabary on Super Soul conversations. It was well timed since it had to do with  conscious parenting. I had recently been at the provincial hockey tournament over the weekend and I am going to say that there is a lot of unconscious parenting going on. The team that ended up winning had a coach that swore and yelled. He dragged a player down to the net when it was time for handshakes because he blamed that child for us getting a goal. The worst part is that they won the game. He yelled at a child and the kid covered his ears with his gloves. Perspective on this is that these kids are 9-10 years old. Later, this same team Continue reading


Life After

A lot has happened in the past couple weeks. I struggle with it all because it is terrible things that we have no control over. You cannot wish a different outcome and it is hard for me to hold space for the pain.

My friends breast cancer diagnosis shook me up. She is an important part of my life. She’s my neighbour, sister-in-law, and wine drinking buddy. It appears to be an aggressive cancer and it is possible that it was found early, but will not know the outcome of the lump until middle of March and then with treatments months later. She has family history. I have every hope that she will fight this and overcome. I wonder, why this shows up in her life? Why now? Continue reading

Saying Yes

I get a lot of ideas and most of them I don’t do. It is a pattern and am starting to get a better understanding of why I don’t do it. Fear.

So, I got a few ideas recently as yesterday and I realized the fear came up right away and then I said but the intuition feeling of “yes” was there. I would make any client or friend listen to it. I listen to it if it is with my safety or decision making process so why can’t I say yes now. Continue reading

The Power of Intentions

I have a history of not asking for what I want and sometimes I would say what I didn’t want instead. So, the universe would provide by my thoughts and actions. At times, it works not too bad. But, other times, I get exactly what I didn’t want. I have examined my life to see why I have a hard time asking for what I want and I felt that it stemmed from being raised in an environment that wanting things was sinful. Gratitude for what you had was enough. But, what is really at the base of it all is that I don’t deserve anything good. It is for others. I should be happy with what I do have even if I’m not. I never became the heroine of my own story because I have been waiting to be rescued and no one showed up. I am always waiting for someone to give me a leg up in some way and it has always been me that has to show up. Continue reading


As I continue on this loving myself revolution I will say that it isn’t anything that I thought it would be. I clearly understand why people fail at resolutions because the things they want to change are tied to things they want to hide. Changing requires us the feelings and thoughts to come up and we have to acknowledge them. But, hiding the pain is why we are stuck in the first place. Continue reading

Update Mid-Month

I wanted to update all of you a week ago. I was on a euphoric-high and wanted to tell you all about it. I was so pumped! It was going to say something like….this positive thinking thing freaking works!! But, I got busy and didn’t have a chance. And then, real life started happening and I don’t feel like I am on such a high now. But, now I feel that this moment is actually more important to update you on. Continue reading

Resolutions to Love

That quote says it all…I vowed to love myself for my resolution for the new year. I technically started on Dec. 30 because I couldn’t wait for the 1st.

I decided that I would not waiver on meditation. I would add a whole bunch of affirmations from Louise Hay’s book, “How to Heal Your Life” and then vow to exercise more often. The affirmations are the kickers because they focus on uplifting and positively changing parts of my life that I feel can’t change because I have created limits on my life from an early age. But, also to just say kind things to myself instead of a put down. Continue reading

Days Off Are Awesome

Having days off is such a treat.

I have watched Netflix and caught up on sappy holiday movies. I have worked on a painting. I have went out and snowshoed. I want to catch up on my blog.

I have had no reason to go anywhere. I have just purely enjoyed the art of doing only what I feel like doing. It is pure bliss. Continue reading